When it comes to dentures, there are lots of myths regarding the disadvantages of wearing dentures. Not only are these rumours completely false, but they can ultimately prevent someone from getting dentures and achieving their best levels of health, self-confidence, and appearance. You will be surprised to see that some of the things you believed in about dentures are nothing more than false rumours.

You are no longer required to visit your dentist once your dentures are installed

Not only is this completely wrong, but it is also one of the most widespread myths about teeth dentures. Simply because your natural teeth have been replaced by prosthetic ones, that does not mean that you should go through daily candy-eating fests and completely disregard your oral health. Your mouth is continuously changing, and this means that you should schedule a visit to your dentist at least twice a year. One example of disease that can first be observed in the mouth is diabetes.

In addition to your oral health, the prosthetic teeth will also require extra care. Here are some signs that warrant a visit to your local dentist:

  • The teeth dentures feel loose in your mouth
  • Bad breath, which is caused by the continuous absorption of fluids and bacteria
  • Colour changes in the dentures – most commonly a result of aging
  • Signs of calcium deposits or stains

Everyone you talk to will know that you are wearing teeth dentures

Sure, it is possible for people to figure out that you are wearing dentures if the dentures look unnatural or have been installed incorrectly. The majority of signs associated with dental problems, like unpleasant stains, clicking, slipping or bad odours, are generally signs that you are not properly taking care of your dentures. However, if you follow your dentist's instructions and schedule regular visits to the dentist, you can rest assured that your appearance won't be hindered by the dentures.

 When it comes to dentures, the confidence boost comes from realizing that you are actually taking a step forward to improving your oral health and appearance.

You won't be able to eat or speak normally if you wear teeth dentures

It is possible for some people who wear dentures to not be allowed to eat as much as they would like to. However, the vast majority of people who wear dentures have no limitations whatsoever in terms of dieting. If you experience any eating problems or if you encounter a speech problem after having your dentures installed, schedule a visit with your oral health practitioner and check if the dentures are properly fitted.