Patients looking to straighten their teeth have to choose between invisalign and traditional braces. Invisalign braces help to straighten teeth using clear plastic aligners as opposed to metal braces. Patients who opt for invisalign braces may have to dig deeper into their pockets due to the added expense of invisalign, but there are various advantages that this option presents over traditional metal braces. Discussed below are a few reasons why invisalign braces are well worth the extra cost.

Invisalign Braces Are Safer

The number one reason to invest in invisalign braces is that they are a much safer orthodontic treatment. Traditional metal braces have protruding metal bits and wire, which can cause scratches and sores on the inner sides of the mouth and gums. In contrast, clear invisalign braces are free of protruding bits and sharp edges. This eliminates the possibility of scratches and mouth sores, ultimately giving the patient a more comfortable experience. Similarly, metal braces are known to cause demineralization of teeth when used for extended periods. This happens when metal parts of the braces react with chemical substances found in food. Lastly, metal braces may also encourage tooth decay and build-up of plaque by making it difficult for the patient to brush and floss their teeth, especially on tooth surfaces covered by the metal. However, invisalign can be removed to eat, brush, and floss, which helps to avoid chemical reactions and deterioration from metal. 

Invisalign Braces Are Removable

Apart from the material that they are made of, invisalign braces are different from conventional metal braces in the sense that the patient can remove them at any given time. As such, patients can easily remove the braces during meal times, or for any other reason. This is more comfortable than having metal braces whose removal at any time has to be done by a professional dental practitioner.

No Dietary Restrictions

Patients who choose conventional metal braces have to give up some of their favorite treats including pizza, pretzels, bagels, popcorn, and hard crusted bread among several others. This is because such food items can easily get stuck on teeth and on the metal braces. With plastic invisalign braces, patients do not have to sacrifice their favorite treats, so long as they remove the braces during meal times and clean their teeth thereafter.

Invisalign Braces Have Greater Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, invisalign braces are more appealing to the eye. Often, the clear plastic braces are not noticeable in the wearer's mouth, resulting in a perfect smile. In comparison, metal braces are easily noticeable and the chunks of metal are more often than not unsightly. From the above discussion, it is clear why one would opt for invisalign braces over traditional metal braces despite the slightly higher cost.

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