In terms of straightening teeth that are misaligned or crooked, braces undoubtedly work wonders. However, obtaining the best outcomes from orthodontics requires some partnership between you and your dentist. For your part, it is imperative that you take care of your braces. Here are six don'ts for all those who put on dental braces. Strict obedience to these instructions will guarantee an unperturbed aligning experience.

Don't overlook routine brushing

Braces provide the perfect haven for bacteria and plaque to gather and hide. Over time, plaque build-up results in gum disease, gingivitis, tooth decay and eventual loss of teeth. Dentists recommend brushing of teeth at least twice a day. For the most effectual brushing, place a soft-bristled tooth brush at a forty five degree angle to your gum line and smoothly move the brush while adopting a back-and-forth rhythm. Besides the gum line, pay close attention also to the out-of-the-way back teeth and areas round dental braces.

Steer clear of unwaxed floss

Oral floss comes in many forms, including waxed and unwaxed. Dentists warn against the use of unwaxed floss for those wearing braces, as this type of floss is hard to get in between the teeth. Waxed floss is recommended instead.

Don't sink your teeth into things that are not meant to be nibbled

Many people have a natural tendency to bite into items such as pencils, pens and wires. If you are putting on orthodontic braces, such a habit should be avoided. Typically, sinking your teeth into such hard stuff can inflict damage to the braces and necessitate an emergency appointment with your dentist, and it provides a clear entryway for germs into your dental cavity.

Don't chew ice

Chewing of ice is strongly advised against, given that it poses grave danger to your dental braces. Due to the extreme temperature of the ice, it may wreak turmoil on the brackets and arch wires leading to fractured braces. In the end, a fractured brace won't be able to align your teeth as anticipated.

Don't feel despair

The decision to invest in braces is certainly a good one. Ultimately, your misaligned teeth will be properly aligned thus improving your facial features, oral health as well as your self-confidence. A rather prolonged oral hygiene routine coupled with lack of sticky candies will turn out to be worthwhile when you eventually achieve a striking, radiant smile.

Don't miss out

Much to the amazement of many people, there are quite a number of foods that are considered brace-friendly and thus suitable to indulge in despite someone putting on braces. Consumption of cakes, hot chocolate and soft, fresh bread is just fine. Remember to properly brush your teeth once you're done.

For more information, contact a dentist that specializes in braces in your area.