A removal dental prosthesis refers to an intra-oral device that is used in the reconstruction of dental defects. These prostheses can be taken out and inserted back into the mouth at whim by the wearer. Some of the defects that these prostheses address include chipped parts of a tooth, reconstructing parts of the jaw or replacing missing teeth. One of the more common reasons why patients need to visit a dental prosthetist is for missing teeth. The type of dental prostheses that is used for this is full or partial dentures, depending on how extensive the damage is. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for removable dental prostheses.

Removable dental prostheses are non-invasive

When it comes to dental appointments, one of the main reasons why patients will suffer from anxiety is the prospect of having to endure invasive procedures for their dental defects. Some of these procedures can be quite painful, which leads to patients putting off dental treatments until the situation becomes quite dire. With removable dental prostheses, you do not have to worry about the discomfort that accompanies some dental procedures. The dental prosthetist will take a mould of your affected tooth or the missing gap, and create a prosthetic to remedy the defect. This eliminates the need for any surgical incisions to be made or having to endure a recovery period. Additionally, since the adjacent tissues in your oral cavity support these prostheses, you have the freedom of taking it out when you feel uncomfortable.

Removable dental prostheses reduce restore functionality

A common misconception that some patients with dental defects make is assuming that their oral health will not be affected if they do not seek tooth replacement. The truth of the matter though is that depending on how extensive the tooth loss is, there are a number of complications that could arise by not opting for tooth replacement. Some of the complications include muscle atrophy in the jawbone, decreased chewing abilities and it could even affect your speech patterns. With dental prostheses such as dentures, you ensure that your normal functionality is not affected by not having your teeth in place.

Removable dental prostheses are easy to maintain

The last thing you would want is to invest in tooth restoration only to have the replacement compromised by poor oral habits. Since removable dental prostheses are not permanent, it makes it easy for you to thoroughly clean them and access areas that would be hard to reach by your toothbrush. This makes them a low maintenance alternative when looking for tooth replacement.