It's important to maintain the health of your teeth. Your pearly whites are good for more than just chewing food. According to the National Oral Health Alliance (NOHA), over one in three Australians leave dental treatment until the last minute because they can't afford it. 

However, not only does this lead to oral health problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease, it could also affect the standard of your relationships. Take for example, some of the currently most well-known people in the world: Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, and Demi Moore. What do they all have in common? Dazzling smiles. 

These winning smiles, however, wouldn't have been possible without cosmetic dentistry, the other thing they all have in common. A quick comparison of their "before" and "after" photos will give you a good idea of just how great an influence their smiles have on their appearance. 

A gleaming smile really can bring you greater success. 

You'll Be More Attractive

Recently, Orbit Complete conducted a research study on smiles and found that 69% of people rated women's smiles more aesthetically pleasing than makeup. Smiling doesn't only make you more attractive to the opposite sex, attraction works in numerous ways. A great smile can lead to a successful job interview, and even a promotion at work. Everyone remembers the guy or girl that never seems to stop smiling. What they don't often realize is just how much work goes into maintaining that smile.

You'll Shave Five Years off Your Appearance

When you smile, your body releases a stream of endorphins, which in turn relieve stress. Stress is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing, which can significantly reduce your physical appeal. However, a study conducted by Oral B discovered that people with white teeth tend to look an average of five years younger than those with poor oral hygiene. And of course, a healthy set of white teeth means you'll smile more often. 

A Great Smile Helps You Earn More Money

Having an unattractive smile can also harm your career. A study by the University of California concluded that people who are considered more attractive tend to earn 12% more money than less attractive people, per year. While you're unlikely to earn as much as Tom Cruise, your smile can ensure that you are more appealing to people in general. 

If you think your smile needs work, for health as well as social reasons, do some research on the dental treatment options available in your area. In Australia today, dentists offer a wide range of ways to improve your oral health and give you a smile that dazzles, from whitening and veneers, to bonding and crowns. Prioritize your smile today, and be more successful tomorrow.