Fastbraces and other orthodontics are instrumental when straightening out the smile of your children. However, braces require a lot of effort to keep clean and avoid the myriad of issues that may come up due to improper hygiene. Such problems may include gum inflammation, teeth discolouration, halitosis and many more. Considering the fact that children and teens may be a bit careless when it comes to their oral health, it's up to the parents to step up the game on their behalf. If you have a child with Fastbraces, here are some tips to help them maintain their oral hygiene.

Regulate the kinds of food they eat.

Some foods simply don't do well with braces. Sticky foodstuffs such as toffee and caramel are a mistake. They stick to your child's braces and are very difficult to dislodge even with avid cleaning. The same goes for hard foods such as corn and hard breads. Avoid such foods, as their removal isn't guaranteed, and they may end up stuck for days. Another bad choice for those with braces is staining foods and drinks such as dark soda. Making such foods a habit will lead to unevenly coloured teeth when the braces are removed and the whiter portions beneath the brackets are exposed.

Plan for school days.

Your child's school may be outside your sphere of influence, but don't let it be the reason why they lax their teeth cleaning. Before your child leaves for school, make sure they carry a convenient travel-size toothbrush. This will allow them to quickly brush their teeth after lunch. Unfortunately, some kids may find the notion too mortifying to contemplate. For such cases, mouthwash and dental floss are good choices when wanting to clean teeth without making a big deal out of it. Also, floss picks are great options when cleaning around the braces and are easy to carry. To encourage compliance, remind your children that it's much more humiliating having food stuck in their teeth than just being seen cleaning them.

Enforce frequent cleaning.

For a child without braces, brushing their teeth twice daily is enough. However, food particles and debris tend to lodge themselves in the brackets and wires of the braces over the course of the day. These particles eventually accumulate to cause cavities. It is therefore necessary to ensure your child brushes their teeth up to four times a day. If not, then at least twice with frequent flossing and mouth rinsing. Supervise your child's dental hygiene practices until they become second nature.