A dead tooth is a common dental problem that occurs when there is damage to a tooth's internal nerve. Dead teeth will often appear discoloured, usually grey, and can ruin the line of a healthy smile. However, if you suffer from a dead tooth, do not worry, there are solutions out there.  Below are some top tips for dealing with your dead tooth. 

Treatment and Removal

In some cases, it is possible to treat a dead tooth. In others, your dentist may recommend that the tooth is removed. 


If you catch your dead tooth early, and it has just started to discolour, visit your dentist immediately!  Root canal surgery can sometimes save the tooth and restore it back to health. 


Sometimes a dead tooth may need to be removed. If so, do not fear! You will not have to walk around with a large gap in your teeth. Your dentist will be able to fit you with a bridge. This is a single fake tooth which is fitted over the two healthy teeth on either side of it. With a bridge in place, your smile will be good as new. 

Cosmetic solutions

If your tooth cannot be treated and does not need to be removed, there are a number of cosmetic solutions you can try for disguising the discolouration. 

Short term pearly whites

If you have an important event or occasion, and you want to look your best how about trying a snap-on smile? These are temporary fake smiles available over the counter and online. Once installed they fit the shape of your mouth to create a perfect smile, effectively disguising any pesky dental imperfections. However, they are by no means a permanent solution. 

Caps and Crowns 

A cap or crown is an enamel form that can be put over the tooth to permanently conceal it. This can be an effective way to disguise the tooth and restore its natural colour. 

Go easy on the bleach 

If your dead tooth is not too visible in your smile, you may wish simply to conceal it. If you are doing this, try to refrain from using whitening products on the surrounding teeth as this could emphasise the grey-ness of the dead tooth. 

If you suspect that you have a dead tooth, book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, such as Bruce Stevens Dental, who will be able to give you advice on the best treatment or cosmetic options.