Toothache is not always easy to define. Just because a tooth aches, that doesn't necessarily mean the tooth itself is to blame. For instance, an ear infection can cause your teeth to ache, as can a sinus infection. This is because all sensations in your face travel along one main nerve, the trigeminal nerve. Therefore, if you experience a toothache when bending down to pick something up, for example, referred pain could be to blame. In other words, the ache in your tooth might not be from the tooth itself, but from elsewhere in your head. Pain when bending over suggests a sinus infection.

This article will help you to decide whether your ache while bending down, is caused by a sinus infection or an issue with your tooth.

Sinus Infections Might Be the Cause of Your Toothache

Humans have four pairs of sinuses. The pair of sinuses that can sometimes affect teeth are the maxillary sinuses. Your maxillary sinuses are behind your cheekbones, just above the teeth of your upper jaw. This close proximity means that whenever a person suffers a sinus issue, such as a sinus infection, they may also suffer from toothache.

A classic sign of a sinus infection is toothache when bending or leaning down. During these movements, the pressure inside your sinuses increases, intensifying the ache. If the ache is of a dull nature, affects more than one of your upper back teeth and is accompanied by congestion, a sinus infection is to blame.

Dying Teeth Could Be Another Cause of Toothache

The bundle of nerves and blood vessels inside every tooth, which dentists refer to as the pulp, causes toothache when it becomes infected. Infection occurs due to tooth decay or trauma. Dentists refer to this infection as pulpitis. In the early stages, before you experience a full-blown toothache, pain when bending down is a typical sign that something is wrong.

When you bend down, the blood flow to your teeth increases. Since your body is already sending white blood cells to the pulpal chamber to fight the infection, there is little room inside the tooth. Bending down increases blood flow, thus, increasing the pressure inside the infected tooth. In this case, you need root canal therapy as soon as possible.

If you are still unsure of what is causing your toothache, try tapping the affected tooth. If the tooth responds with pain, the problem is the tooth, not a sinus infection. Whatever the cause, get a dental check up as soon as possible so you can get the treatment you need before the infection worsens.