If your dentist recommends that you have all four of your wisdom teeth extracted, then you may think that this will happen slowly and over time. However, your dentist tells you that you don't need to book separate extractions for each tooth and can have all four taken out in the same appointment. This may freak you out a bit. However, having all the teeth removed at the same time has its benefits. What are they?

Reduced Recovery Time

Tooth extractions aren't pleasant, but you generally get over them quickly. After a couple of days of eating soft foods and taking painkillers, your mouth will start healing and you can get on with your everyday life as normal.

However, if you stage your wisdom teeth removal, then you have to go through this process four times over a period of weeks or months. This may involve taking more time off work than you're comfortable with.

While having a tooth removed doesn't incapacitate you, you do need to take things easy for the first day or so after you've had a tooth out. So, you may take the day of your tooth extraction off. If you have all four teeth out at once, then this is the only time you'll need off work. If you have individual extractions, you'll potentially miss four days.

If you stagger extractions, you also have to deal with the post-extraction process every time a tooth is extracted. You'll need to eat soft foods carefully and maintain a special hygiene routine to keep the extraction area clean.

If you have all of your wisdom teeth extracted in one appointment, then you get everything sorted at once. You follow the same post-extraction instructions you would after a single-tooth extraction and your mouth doesn't take any longer to heal.

Minimal Anaesthesia

While repeated local anaesthetics aren't a problem for most patients, you may need a general anaesthetic to take out wisdom teeth. This may be the case if you're a nervous patient or if the extraction process will be a bit more complex than usual.

Modern general anaesthesia is safe, but it does have more possible risks than local injections. You don't want to have general anaesthetics regularly or more often than you need to. Your body needs some recovery time from this kind of anaesthesia, so it's easier to just have one to deal with.

If you're still worried about having multiple extractions in one session, contact local dentist services. They can explain why they think this is the best way to go.