Being an adult does not mean the days of teeth straightening are behind you. In fact, when it comes to adults who wear braces, people over 20 represent 30% of the braces-wearing population. Braces like Invisalign are more expensive than the traditional metal wire option, but they are also much less visible. As an adult who needs braces, but who wants to beat the cost, you are considering purchasing a mail-order set of straightening aligners. However, while this route may be cheaper, it is not a good decision for your dental health, and here are two reasons why.

1. No X-Rays 

One of the first things your dentist does before braces are fitted is to take a fresh set of x-rays of your mouth. Not only are they looking at where each tooth sits, but they are also checking what is going on beneath the gum line. Tooth root fractures, cysts, abscesses and decay are not always visible to the naked eye. An x-ray shows these issues to the dentist, and they must be treated before the braces are fitted. A mail-order aligner does not come with a face-to-face dental appointment which includes x-rays.

2. Make Your Own Mould

In order for a mail-order aligner to be made, you are given instructions on how to make a mould of your teeth. This is a similar concept to the boil-and-bite mouthguard where you soften a chunk of plastic with heat and then bite onto the plastic to leave an impression of your teeth. The mould is then returned in the mail, and your aligner is made. So, what could go wrong with this idea? The biggest concern is that if your mouth moves even slightly when making the mould, then the aligner is not going to have a perfect fit in your mouth. If you wear an aligner which does not fit perfectly, you risk loosening your teeth and damaging your tooth roots. By comparison, after your mouth mould is prepared by your dentist, they check it carefully for any signs of anomalies before the aligner is made. Your dentist knows exactly what imperfections to look for in the mould.

When it comes to dental health, this is not an area where you should be trying to save money. Instead, meet with your dentist and follow the route of having your aligners made for you by them. By following this path, you are virtually guaranteed straight teeth being achieved under the careful, watchful gaze of a trained professional.