A smile is a window to your soul. It improves your social appeal and boosts your personality. Most people want a great smile, and thanks to cosmetic dentistry, all that is possible. Cosmetic dentistry is a general word that refers to all types of dental procedures that improve the appearance of gums, teeth or bite. It focuses on a person's dental aesthetics in terms of tooth position, colour, size, alignment and shape. The following are the types of cosmetic dentistry.

1. Cosmetic composite bonding

This procedure involves the repair of damaged, decayed or discoloured teeth using substances that have a similar colour to that of the tooth enamel. Your dentist will get rid of the tooth decay and apply composite to the surface of the tooth. He or she will then proceed to sculpt it to the correct shape. Finally, he or she will cure it using high-intensity light. Commonly known as bonding, this process will adequately cover any damage to your tooth and give a healthy look to your tooth.

2. Dental crowns

These are fittings that your dentist prepares to fit your entire tooth. These crowns are composed of metal-fused porcelain or acrylic material to handle the biting force. Crowns are useful during cosmetic procedures in treating decayed, poorly shaped, chipped or broken teeth. Caps will also cover the spaces between teeth.

3. Onlays and inlays

The dental laboratory makes these indirect fillings. They are a perfect solution when you have mild tooth decay or when your tooth structure lacks enough space to support the filling. When your tooth cusps are in good condition, the dentist directly places the inlay on the surface of the tooth. If your cusp or tooth is very damaged, then your dentists will use an overlay to cover the whole surface of the tooth. Onlays and inlays will strengthen your teeth and prevent further deterioration.

4. Dental veneers

Veneers are porcelain or plastic in material composition. They change the shape and colour of your front teeth. Veneers are more durable than bonding and make your teeth look better. Do you have chipped, poorly shaped or slightly crooked teeth? Veneers will assist with that. Dentists apply the veneers to the front section of every tooth using an adhesive. If you opt for porcelain veneers, the dentist will insert them during your second visit.

Cosmetic dentistry is a delicate procedure that requires a professional dentist to conduct the process. The dentist will provide an option that matches your interests. Before undergoing the procedure, ensure that you understand the various cosmetic dentistry options. You also have to know their cost and if they require any maintenance. For more information, reach out to a business like Everyday Dental Care.