When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, dental implants are the best choice. Here are a few good reasons to choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options such as dentures or dental bridges.

1. Implants Are Most Like Natural Teeth

If you are looking for a tooth replacement option that looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth, dental implants are by far the best option. Implants sit permanently in the gum. You can use and clean them just like natural teeth.

2. Implants Stay in Place

Many denture users struggle with their false teeth slipping out of place when they eat, speak or laugh. Embarrassment in these situations can lead to social withdrawal. Implants remain securely seated in the gums no matter what you eat or how hard you laugh.

3. Implants Are a Permanent Solution

Whereas dental bridges and dentures require regular adjustment or replacement, dental implants are a permanent solution. Once fitted, the support posts stay in the gums for life. If you break a crown, a dentist can easily replace it, although this is a relatively rare occurrence.

4. Implants Protect Bone Density

Losing teeth can have serious consequences for the health of your jaw. Bone requires stimulation to keep it creating new cells. Without the stimulation of chewing, a jaw bone can lose density and become unhealthy. Dental implants, more so than dentures, ensure that chewing forces are transmitted through to the jaw bone to keep it healthy.

5. Implants Preserve Facial Structure

The sunken expression that many elderly people have is caused by tooth loss. Dental implants provide the fullness and support to keep a face looking youthful.

6. Implants Promote Clear Speech

Many people find it difficult to speak clearly when they have dentures or missing teeth. They may slur their words or be unable to pronounce certain letters. Dental implants provide the stable structures necessary to form the entire range of sounds present in most languages.

7. Implants Are Silent

Dentures often slip when eating or speaking, leading to a clicking sound as they slide in and out of position. Dental implants, in contrast, are silent.

8. Implants Have No Impact on Healthy Teeth

If you use a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, the dentist must file down the tooth next to it in order to create a support. In contrast, single-tooth dental implants have no effect on the teeth next to them.

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