Are you ready for a glossier smile? As an aesthetic treatment of choice amongst those who want to look amazing, teeth whitening can transform the way you look. But before you book an appointment with your dentist, here's what you need to know about the popular procedure.

Sensitivity Is Normal

While plenty of off-the-shelf products claim to avoid sensitivity, this isn't always possible when you can go down the professional route. Dental-grade products aim to improve your teeth's colouring as much as possible without compromising your oral health. Fortunately, sensitivity is usually temporary. It usually disappears within a couple of days, and your dentist can recommend products that reduce it faster.

Teeth Are Absorbent

One of the keys to making teeth whitening last as long as possible is to understand how your actions can affect it. Although your teeth are solid, they have an unseen porous element that makes them absorbent. From dark berries through to your favourite curries, every staining food you eat can slowly seep into those pores and affect the colour of your teeth. While this doesn't mean you need to avoid them altogether, you should use that knowledge to adjust your diet and keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Fitting Is Everything

There are lots of products you can buy over the counter. However, one thing the majority are lacking is a tray that fits them well. When you don't have a professionally fitted tray, the solution you apply will distribute unevenly across your teeth. As a result, you won't whiten them as much as you may like. And in worst-case scenarios, your teeth will have an uneven colour or you might experience gum damage.

Treatment Times Vary

Many commercial products claim to whiten your teeth within a set period of time. For example, they may promise white teeth within a week. The reality is, everyone's teeth are different due to various lifestyle factors and degrees of training. Only a dentist can identify your ideal treatment package. While some people may need treatments over a course of months to experience effective stain lifting, others enjoy it after a matter of days. 

With a thorough dental consultation, you can create a realistic whitening plan that transforms your smile. Before attending your appointment, make sure you consider any questions you may have for your dentist. They'll provide realistic advice that allows you to adjust your lifestyle and embark on a journey that whitens your teeth.