Tooth enamel is the reason your teeth are pearly white when you are young. Tooth enamel is also the reason that you can chew hard foods with ease, as enamel is even harder than bone. But like any material, enamel can suffer wear and tear. And many people don't realize that they are damaging their tooth enamel until a cavity appears or they begin to suffer from toothache.

If you are tired of having to have your teeth filled all the time, make sure you avoid the habits and behaviours on the following list.

1. Biting your nails

Your nails are made of keratin, a tough material. So, if you bite your nails regularly, you'll gradually wear away the enamel surface of your teeth.

2. Drinking soft drinks slowly

Soft drinks are full of acidic compounds like phosphoric acid and citric acid that gradually strip the enamel from teeth. If you like to sip soft drinks throughout the day, taking your time with each one, the damage will worsen. If you drink soft drinks, try drinking them through a straw, and reduce the amount you drink per day.

3. Skipping brushing at night

Skipping morning tooth brushing isn't as bad as skipping nightly brushing, because your mouth is active throughout the day, and this helps reduce bacteria. But if you skip nightly brushing sessions, oral bacteria will have nothing to stop them from multiplying in your mouth and causing tooth decay.

4. Not drinking enough water

Water helps keep you hydrated. Water also helps to boost saliva production. This is good because saliva is a natural antibacterial substance that keeps tooth decay-causing bacteria at manageable levels. The less water you drink, the less saliva you have, which means bacteria can run rampant in your mouth and contribute to tooth decay.

5. Regularly sucking on candies

If you suck on sugary candies throughout the day, you are bathing your tooth enamel in sugar. Oral bacteria feast on simple sugars and then secrete an acid that eats away at tooth enamel.

6. Eating lots of bread and starchy foods

Starchy foods like bread, rice, pasta and bread are sticky. This means they cling to tooth enamel after meals. This is bad for your tooth enamel because, while those foods cling to your teeth, oral bacteria can feast on them and produce enamel-damaging acids.

If your teeth seem to be riddled with cavities, then check to see if you have any of the habits mentioned on this list. By removing bad oral habits from your life, you can avoid damaging your tooth enamel. Talk to a dentist for more information.