If your teeth have become sensitive and you have begun to notice white marks as well as changes in tooth shape, acid erosion is probably the cause. Acidic compounds like folic and citric acid reduce the pH of saliva. If you eat or drink acidic things regularly, your saliva will become acidic. Acidic saliva causes tooth enamel to erode.

The following dental treatments can help to repair teeth that have suffered acid erosion.

1. Fluoride varnish for early erosion

For early acid erosion, where there is only minor damage, your dentist can apply a fluoride varnish to the affected teeth. Fluoride helps teeth to absorb calcium. Calcium strengthens the surface of teeth, even teeth that have lost some enamel due to acid erosion.

2. Fillings for localized erosion

With severe enamel erosion, cavities form in the areas where acid attacks the enamel. Cavities allow oral bacteria to enter teeth. Once inside a cavity, oral bacteria multiply and cause tooth decay to occur, which accelerates the damage done to teeth. To prevent tooth decay from occurring, a dentist can fill in small cavities with white tooth fillings.

White tooth fillings are great for teeth in the front of the mouth because they are inconspicuous.

3. Composite veneers for widespread erosion

When acid erosion has affected much of the surface of a tooth, composite veneers are a cheap and fast option. However, you do need to ensure you find a skilled cosmetic dentist to apply composite veneers. Composite veneers are great for covering entire tooth surfaces, and you can use composite veneers to cover and protect the surfaces of multiple teeth.

4. Porcelain veneers for long-term protection against erosion

Another good treatment for widespread acid erosion damage is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite veneers, and they take longer to create; approximately two weeks, but they can last many years when cared for.

Both composite and porcelain veneers can cover teeth that have yellowed because of acid erosion.

5. Dental crown for teeth badly damaged by erosion

Sometimes, acid erosion leads to severe cavities and tooth decay. Acid erosion can also contribute to the formation of cracks and structural damage. When severe damage occurs because of acid erosion, dental crowns are the best approach to restoring the functionality and appearance of teeth. Dental crowns cover teeth and protect them from further damage while providing patients with the ability to chew comfortably.

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